L’imperium e l’oblatio nei mosaici di Ravenna e Costantinopoli | mosaicocidm.it

Doctrine and policy, power and offering. The figure of the Emperor is the main subject of the iconographic study about the celebration of power in the mosaics of Ravenna and Constantinople. The mosaics are also studied from the standpoint of their material history, from the design to the preservation.

The book is the continuation of the previous publications edited by CIDM dedicated to the mosaic, in particular it is linked to the volume about the ancient mosaic, ‘mosaicoravenna.it. I mosaici dei monumenti Unsesco di Ravenna e Parenzo’ (The mosaics of the Unesco monument in Ravenna and Parenzo), which reckons with the continual research and cataloguing promoted by CIDM. The complete catalographic cards can be consulted on the Mosaic Database at http://www.mosaicocidm.it.

The publication includes texts written by Linda Kniffitz, Ermanno Carbonara, Letizia Sotira and Daniele Torcellini.